Welcome to Finland

The land of a thousand thermals


Dear VGC members,

I am glad to be a part of the organising team on behalf of the Oldtimer Finland for the VGC2016 Rally in Räyskälä. Räyskälä Sport Aviation Centre is the famous Glider competition airfield since more than 40 years. This is the only place in the world where a 1000km task has ever been given in a FAI Competition.

It is now the first time when Finnish Oldtimers are organizing the VGC Rally in Räyskälä. The airfield is large, so there is a lot of space for simultaneous operations. There is also a Motel with c.60 beds and close to the Motel there is a large area for caravans and tents.

In the vicinity there are two saunas and other sanitary facilities. The icing on the cake is the beautiful lake by the saunas where you can take a cool dip after the gentle heat of the sauna whilst admiring the midnight sun.
Around the airfield there are several smaller lakes with clear water for swimming and other recreational activities as well. It is very popular to go for hikes in the forest around the airfield. Close by there are also some good restaurants and other points of interests for social events.


Finland Oldtimers realizes that not everyone can bring their beloved glider with them, so we have decided to arrange so that a number of Vintage gliders can be rented during the event. In the selection of gliders for rent will be, amongst others, some gliders from the famous Finnish PIK design. This glider list will be published soon on the VGC2016 website.
I invite you VGC glider fans, to register yourselves, spouses and friends to the Rendezvous 18.7. – 23.7.2016 in Oripää and then to the main event – Rally in Räyskälä 24.7. – 4.8.2016.

Yours faithfully
On behalf of Finnish Oldtimers
Vesa Airaksinen
Rally Director

Rendezvous 18.7.-23.7.2016 Oripää – EFOP

Rally 25.7.-4.8.2016 Räyskälä- EFRY

VGC 2016