VGC2016 Rally in Finland

The 44th Vintage Glider Rally takes place 24.7-4.8.2016 at Räyskälä airfield. This event will be organized by Oldtimers Finland together with Räyskälä Foundation and Turun Lentokerho from Oripää. In the Rally the vintage hobbyist get together flying their old gliders. Some of them have been built in the thirties.

Harakka III flying over Jämi in VGC Rally 2003.

Harakka III flying over Jämi 

The organizers expect 50 to 60 gliders from abroad accompanied with some 300 pilots and their assistants. Prior to the Rally a Rendveouz is held in Oripää 18. – 23.7.2016. During this get together foreign pilots can familiarize them shelves in Finnish flying condition.

Reconditioning of the vintage gliders and flying them is a popular hobby in Europe, especially in Germany and the UK. The Vintage Glider Club has been founded in the UK in 1973. VGC is a worldwide organization of the hobbyist of the old vintage gliders and one of the ways of the cooperation is the Rally which is granted yearly to the national VGC organizations in different countries. The Rally this summer is 44th event and is given now second time to Finland. Previous time this took place in Jämijärvi on 2003.

In Finland the tradition of the Vintage gliders is cherishing Oldtimer Finland which is founded 2007.

PIK-16 Vasama OH-353 at Jämijärvi in VGC Rally 2003. The wooden Vasama (Blunt Arrow) was world's top glider in the '60s.

PIK-16 Vasama. The wooden Vasama (Blunt Arrow) was world’s top glider in the ’60s.

This organization owns Finnish glider PIK-5 built in Finland 1957. This and many other magnificent and glorious gliders, like PIK-16 Vasama, can be admired and will be seen flying in the unique event in Räyskälä in the end of July and beginning of August. The interested visitors are welcome to enjoy the events in Räyskälä and Oripää.

The web page is available now for registration and has updated information regarding the gliders for rent and further development of the venue.

Dear VGC members please do register as early as possible to allow us, to organize for you the most unforgettable flying experience in the Country of thousand Thermals.

VGC 2016