Solifer Goldie 530 Caravan rental

During Vintage Glider Rally (24. July – 4. August 2016, extra days are negotiable)

Solifer Goldie 530 caravan (manufactured in 2000) with fixed small tent and separate shelter.
Good condition. Two single beds for adults, two single upper beds for kids, one folding double bed for adults. Microwave oven, fridge, liguid gas heater and stove, electric heater, cold portable water, chemical toilet.

Located in Räyskälä airfield caravan area. 120 meters from big sauna and showers /toilets/dish washing place, 340 meters from hangar area and cafe.

Price: 60 € per day.

Rental fee includes electricity for heating, gas, pots and pans for cooking, extra equipment are negotiable.

Contact. Mr. Juuso Kilpeläinen, email

VGC 2016