SF25 “Falke” Auction

SF25 “Falke” restoration project AUCTION at Räyskälä VGC Rally

About 70% complete SF25 project

Aircraft is undergoing complete overhaul and the project has been going on for few years.
Auction will take place 29.7.2016 at Lentolaakso hangar.

Falke has all flying surfaces overhauled and ready for painting. Fuselage frame is painted and ready for assembly of equipment and systems. Engine has not been overhauled. New Hoffman prop (EASA FORM 1). Cowling molds, canopy and stuff. Most of the hardware exits.

Project is available for wieving during VGC Rally at Lentolaakso hangar.

Base price is set at 2000€. Buyer has 90 days to organize transport of the project without charge for storage.
For information package and pre-bids, contact matti(at)suio dot fi or phone + 358 40 8 255 255

In information package You will find documentation, parts inventory, photos and other relevant information.
Total time. 4376h 22600 landings, grounded on 29.4.2008 with taxi incident and minor damage to prop and wing. Damage has been repaired.
Engine: LIMBACH SL 1700 EA/EA 1, needs overhaul or replacement.




VGC 2016