Letter of invitation

Dear VGC members,

Both airfields are located in southern Finland in favorable thermal areas. Even cross country soaring by vintage planes is possible. The driving distance from Helsinki to Räyskälä airfield is about 120 km and to Oripää 150km. From Turku to Oripää it is only 60km. The distance between the airfields is about 90km.

Our airfields have large grass areas which will be used for winch launches and landings. For aero tow operations we will use asphalt runways to main wind directions. Oripää has practically hangar space for all gliders and Räyskälä 30 to 40 gliders.

Oldtimer Finland has organized around 10 gliders for renting for those who do not want to take their own glider to Finland. These gliders are for example Finnish designed PIK3 Kajava, PIK5,  PIK16C Vasama and some more other well-known makes.

In Oripää breakfast and buffet lunch will be arranged by a local farm caterer and they are served at the airfield in a modern hall. Räyskälä has a licensed restaurant. In both airfields there is plenty of space for camping. Oripää has a few cottages. In Räyskälä there is a motel with 20 rooms for 2 to 4 persons. There are also private cottages for renting in the vicinity of the airfield.

Kindly note that in both airfields the accommodation includes free saunas and showers, use of  Wi-Fi, use of washing of007-1024x682machines and electricity. In addition Oripää offers a pool for swimming and in Räyskälä there are several lakes for swimming and fishing.

In Oripää the nearest shops, a pharmacy, restaurants, a gas station and a cash dispenser are in the village about 4 km from the airfield.

In Räyskälä there is a mini shop 2 km from the airfield. Supermarkets and cash dispensers are about 20 km away, in the Village of Loppi.

Although we accept the major credit cards. Make sure that you have some cash with you.


Please follow the updates on our Web-pages.
We look forward to see you in Finland

Antti Jouppi and Vesa Airaksinen

VGC 2016