Some important notes for the VGC Rally in Finland

Dear VGC friend,

For the VGC pilots coming in Finland in the July we have some important items to be noted:

1. We encourage the plots, who intend to rent a glider in Finland to make the rental agreement as soon as possible. The reason is the not all the gliders available are not located either in Räyskälä or Oripää. Some of those planes need to be transported to the sites and this will be done only if the planes are booked. Below please find the list of planes which home field is Räyskälä

  • Bocian                   OH-346
  • Ka 6 Cr                  OH-260
  • PIK 3c Kajava       OH-304

So all the other gliders have their home fields somewhere else and they will remain in their home field if not booked.

2. Pilots who are coming with their own glider are kindly requested to bring their own dolly for moving the gliders in to the hangar

3. We have done some clarification regarding the ferry prices. Until now we have found out that the Finnlines ferries from Travemünde to Helsinki or Kappelskär to Turku have the best offers. The Website address is:

4. There have happened quite many misinterpretations when paying in advance through Pay Pal the accommodation or camping costs. The costs in Oripää and Räyskälä are different and some have mixed these. So when you arrive in Räyskälä then you should contact Mrs. Mari Hekkilä to sort out these differences and agree upon the possible corrections.

Best Regards and look forward to see you soon
Vesa Airaksinen & Antti Jouppi

VGC 2016